Detailed Information

Conditions and specifications for the articles


      The articles must be the first publication and interesting.

      Text should be in good English.

      Authors must have the copyright for all images in their article, and they are responsible for that (reference for all images in your article, internet addresses with date).

      For preview you may send your article as Word or PDF file.

      The final article should be a Word/LibreOffice/... file.

      Images must be sent also as separate files.


      The article should be arranged as follows:

1: Title

2: Your name (including academic grade if wanted), country, city

3: Name of institution or university  (if wanted)

4: Your article including headings (if there are)

5: Bibliography

6: List of images

7: Footnotes


      Authors curriculum vitae: Each author should write a few lines (~ ½ page) to introduce him- or herself.

      The selection of articles will be made by a team of editors.

      The author will receive a minimum of 2 free voucher copies.


      The book is planned for May 2015, it will be in full colour and in hardcover. The page size will be 240 mm x 170 mm.

      The number of copies: ≥ 300.