Call for Islamic numismatic articles


Sorry I have to put this project on ice. I will have a call to all authors.

Dear friend of Islamic Numismatics,


I intend to publish a book with essays and articles about islamic coins and history. It is scheduled to come out in May 2015. If you can contribute interesting  treatises, or if you would like to support the book - please let me know!

Deadline for sending your article(s) is the 30 September, 2014.

The book could be Volume 10 in the series of the Bremer Beiträge published by the Bremen Numismatic Society.

I hope for a big resonance

sincerely Christian,
Bremen, Germany


Please have a look to "Authors"


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We also look for new finds (inedited coins), these will be limited to 2 pages (just a little description and images).



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